Starting today, I will work full-time on researching the SDGs. I have not yet identified an organization I would like to work with, so for now I am still doing independent research. But by the end of this month, I would like to find a suitable organization to associate myself with :)

Today I learned about backcasting from Jeffrey Sachs:

Backcasting: Opposite of forecasting. Working backwards from the desired outcome(s) to determine the policies and actions that need to be taken today.

Jeffrey Sachs suggests that we use backcasting to figure out what action will be necessary over the next 11 years for achieving the SDGs.

I also tried to get in touch with Pia Paulini from the Bertelsmann Foundation. She is the contact person for the SDG Index on the Bertelsmann side. I was hoping to ask her a few questions. Unfortunately, I only reached her voice mail. I’ll try again on Thursday.

Lastly, I stumbled upon the UN Partnerships for the Goals platform. It is a website where any initiative working on implementing the SDGs can list itself. It’s great, but could be better:

  • there are 4000+ initiatives listed. But 3500 of them have not been updated for over a year. :|
  • the search functionality is very broad. That makes it hard to filter for only those initiatives that take place in Germany, for example.