Yesterday, I enrolled in a MOOC called How to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

The course was initially offered in the Fall of last year, but it is still available for self-paced, free auditing.

So far, I have finished the first of seven modules. I learned about:

  1. History of the SDGs: More on that soon!
  2. Analyzing SDG progress and identifying gaps: Turns out that the course instructor, Jeffrey Sachs, is the director of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) — the organization that’s the driving force behind the annual SDG Index & Dashboard (I talked about that in the last post). I’ve made a mental note about both Jeffrey Sachs and the SDSN. They seem to be key players in the SDG movement.
  3. Decision-making & leadership: The SDG movement has no official leadership structure. It’s completely bottom-up. Jeffrey Sachs compares the movement to an orchestra without a conductor — which, you know, is actually a thing.

I’m left wondering whether not having a conductor for the SDGs is a good thing. I am a little worried that it makes it difficult to approach the SDGs in a systematic fashion.

I’ll need to ask Jeffrey Sachs about that.