What the heck are we doing?

I’ve really been feeling the rollercoaster lately. Some days I wake up and I could not be more excited and confident in what we’re doing with Openly. Other days, I’m completely broken in pieces with no idea how to move forward.

Today is one of the latter. But it’s fine. I’m getting used to it. Our coach Tyler told us today that we should get very, very comfortable with this feeling of being lost and directionless. This is the point where many people quit, according to Tyler, and it’s the persistence through these low points that makes people good entrepreneurs.

We ran ads for the past two weeks. We’ve had about 110 signups for Openly. We emailed every single one and after filtering out the ones who did not reply to that email and those who don’t use Google Drive, we ended up with about 60 accounts that we created. 25 of those logged into Openly at least once. About a third logged in more than once. It would not be fair to call any of those people regular users yet.