Another post from the bus.

We spent the day in Boulder again, having final meetings with some of our closest friends and mentors over the years. If any of you are reading this: Thank you again!

Today, we had an inquiry as to whether Openly could be used to support the work of 14 or 15 students. The students are doing project-based work in teams of two to six people. They all are already familair with Git and Git concepts (such as commits and diffs). The inquirer thought that Openly might help both him and the students keep track of what everyone is doing.

Of course, we’re super excited to have Openly used in a real world scenario. We have not had anybody use Openly as a team (other than ourselves), so it’s a little bit uncharted territory. I’ve tried to think of all the edge cases where team support may be lacking — we’re good. The approximate timeline for bringing the students on: Around New Years.

We may bump up some features, such as daily notification digests, allowing project owners to manage collaborators, and organization profiles, because they were deemed useful by the person making the inquiry.