Welcome to my website!

Kudos to you for reading my very first blog post ever. It’s an honor that you are here.

So what’s this site gonna be like?

Well, first off: I am not a writer. Back in school, I dreaded writing assignments. But now, every once in a while I am overcome by a desire to put some thoughts on paper: Ideas, random snippets of information, book summaries, cat videos, the usual…

And so - unacceptably infrequently but totally shameless -, I will publish a new post on this site.

Wow, that sounds terrible. Why am I spending my time here?

Probably because I asked you to go check out my blog and now you feel compelled to spend at least 30 seconds reading something. Hey, but you’ve made it so far. Here is a special reward just for you: Congratulations!

What if I want to stay updated on what happens here?

Oh, yay, please stay nearby! Staying updated is pretty easy: If you use an RSS reader, you can simply subscribe to my RSS feed here. Otherwise, just follow me on Twitter @FinnWoelm because I post there everytime a new blog post goes live.

Ok, bye!

Have an absolutely splendid day :)