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Hi there! 👋

My name is Finn and I'm a full stack software developer and data scientist working at the intersection of tech and sustainability. I have over five years of experience working with Next, React, Typescript, Python and Ruby on Rails.

I am passionate about data, the environment and impact startups. In my free time, I love to contribute to open source projects.


Preview: Global Goals Directory

Global Goals Directory

Co-Founder and CTO

Global Goals Directory provides cities with sustainability data about local businesses and organizations. We use web scraping and natural language processing to identify local stakeholders and to scan and analyze their websites.

As CTO, I lead the development of the web scraper, AI algorithm, and SaaS platform for assessing the impact of over 30,000 businesses and non-profits across 15+ regions.

Preview: SDG Classification Expert Group

SDG Classification Expert Group


Around the world, there are a number of different initiatives working on AI algorithms for text classifications for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Such tools can be used for analyzing policy documents, research articles and websites. In 2022, I co-initiated this expert group to bring people from these initiatives together and promote knowledge-sharing and collaboration.

Preview: United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network

United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network

Coordinator for Data Science and Research

The UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network works with universities and think tanks to mobilize action on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

As the coordinator for data science and research, my objective was to analyze, track, and visualize the progress and challenges of the 193 UN Member States on the SDGs.

Preview: next-on-netlify



next-on-netlify is an open-source library that made it possible to deploy Next.js applications with server-side-rendering on Netlify. Previously, only static Next.js sites could be hosted on Netlify. Netlify adopted next-on-netlify in 2020 and integrated it into their platform for all users. If you are deploying Next.js on Netlify today, you are benefiting from the foundation that was laid with next-on-netlify.

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